Reverse Osmosis Plants

Ultra Filters

Approx Price: Rs 10 Lakh / Unit/Onwards 
The product operates on the concepts of positive pressure. Use of these filters assists in achieving the filtration from 0.01 to 100 micron. Some of its application area include ultrapure water for electronic industry, ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries, process water for manufacturing plants, boiler feed water, beverage and food processing industry, drinking water, wastewater, bio-technology and mineral water. Its pre-treatment process can consists of following treatment steps:
  • Clarification followed by Sand Filtration for Turbidity removal.
  • Water disinfection with chlorine.
  • Hardness reduction by Softening.
  • Addition of scale inhibitor.
  • Reduction of free chlorine using sodium bisulfite/Activated carbon filters.
  • Final removal of suspended particles using cartridge filters.
Its post treatment process can include following steps on basis of output water quality required:
  • Ozonation
  • Ultra-violet
  • Chlorination systems
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