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Industrial Clarifiers

Approx Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Unit/Onwards 
We are engaged in the manufacture and export of high quality clarifiers. These products are used in various industries and it works on the process of clarification. This process is done in rectangular or circular basins, where the wastewater is held to allow particulate solids to settle out of the suspension. The size of settling basin is decided on parameters of over flow rate (surface settling rate), tank depth at the sidewall and detention time.

Lamella Filters

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Unit/Onwards 
Fluid Systems Lamella Clarifier is a compact and inclined plate type of clarifier which is used to clarify the water & waste water which has higher suspended & colloidal particles. The work principle is based on the settlement of colloidal particles by providing a larger surface area. Its application areas include water clarification, sewage treatment and effluent treatment. Some of its features and advantages are as follows:
  • It provides a means of water clarification at a large saving of surface area. (Upto 90 %)
  • Design ensures laminar, stable flow and excellent effluent quality.
  • Occupies 1/10th of space required by conventional clarifiers.
  • No moving parts, thereby minimizing the maintenance problems. Sludge thickener zone having four slopped hopper bottom completely replaces the extra thickness.
  • Maximum effective settling area per m2 of the plate area due to better hydraulic distribution and collection arrangement.
  • A single operator without the need to shutdown the unit, drain the tank contents and disassemble any tank internals can easily remove each individual lamella plate. The plate can be easily slide up for inspection and maintenance as required.
  • Each plate is constructed of a FRP corrosion resistant material.
  • It can be operated for any length of time continuously without shutdown.
  • Lamella does not build-up deposits and there is no specific frequency of cleaning required and thereby minimizing the maintenance problems. The thin layer of sludge formed on each plate picks up the fine flocs present in water, which is rising up.
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